Exterior path

Is there an exterior path between the sidewalk and the main entrance of the building (example: a yard)?

Exterior cladding

Is the surface of the outside path (between the sidewalk and the entrance of the establishment) stable (rollable ground, no paving stones or gravel, no dirt or grass, etc.)?

Exterior walkway on one level

Is the path level, i.e. without any step or step greater than 2 centimeters? Be careful, level does not mean flat, but without a sudden break in level.


Is there an elevator?

Indicate 0 if there are no steps nor stairs

Direction of the staircase

What is the direction of circulation of the steps or staircase?

Secure steps or staircase

Is the staircase safe: contrasting stair nosings, warning strips at the top of the stairs, contrasting first and last risers?


Is the staircase equipped with one or more handrails?


If there is a ramp with a gentle slope, is it fixed or removable?


Is the path on a slope?

Degree of difficulty of the slope

What is its degree of difficulty?

Length of the slope

Length of the slope


A slope is a transverse inclination of the path. If there is one, what is its degree of difficulty?

Guide band

Presence of a guiding strip on the ground facilitating the movement of a blind or visually impaired person

Narrowing of the path

Is there a narrowing or narrowings (less than 90 centimeters) in the path used by the public to reach the entrance?

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