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Allée des Ailes Françaises 33600 Pessac

Accessibility information

- updated on April 13, 2023

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Transportation and parking

  • No public transport nearby
  • No parking spaces within the establishment
  • Parking spaces nearby including PRM spaces

Path to entrance

  • Guide strip
  • Access to this space is on the same ground-level, i.e. without any sudden change in level
  • Covering adapted to the passage of a wheelchair
  • No slope
  • Minimum width of 90 cm all the way


  • Clearly visible entrance
  • Door manuelle battante
  • Width of at least 80 cm
  • Glass door without contrasting elements on the glass part
  • Ground-level entrance
  • Human help possible
  • Call button

Reception and equipment

  • Reception close to the entrance
  • Path to reception on one level
  • Minimum width of 90 cm throughout the circulation leading to reception
  • Untrained staff
  • No hearing aid equipment
  • Classic toilets


There is a ramp at the rear of the building to access the after-school
care service. There is no boat to get onto the pavement to access the

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