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Historical actor of the help to visually impaired people, the Valentin Haüy association, created in 1889 by Maurice de La Sizeranne and recognized as a public utility in 1891, has been providing a large number of services and actions throughout France for more than 130 years. services and actions throughout France in order to defend the rights of visually impaired people, ensure their training and access to employment, promote access to written words, and offer accessible cultural, sports and leisure activities.

The French Confederation for the Social Promotion of the Blind and Amblyopes is the confederation that gathers about twenty of the main associations for the visually impaired. who cooperate to speak with one voice to public authorities and to militate in favor of the blind and visually impaired. It has several commissions or working groups where the representatives of the associations meet to build a common advocacy and work together for the autonomy of the blind and visually impaired. The subjects addressed are varied, such as employment, physical or digital accessibility, access to books or audio-visual material.

Backed by its 4 public service missions: Universal postal service, transport and distribution of the press, Regional development, Accessible banking, La Poste has defined its core values.

At the service of all, useful to everyone, La Poste, a local and regional company, develops exchanges and essential links by contributing to the common good of society as a whole. mission with 4 commitments:

  • Contributing to regional development and cohesion
  • Promoting social inclusion
  • Promoting ethical, inclusive and frugal digital technology
  • Accelerating the ecological transition for all

Learn more about La Poste: https://laposte.fr

The Normandy regional, departmental and local tourism database is the only official tourism database in Normandy. It is continuously updated by the Comité Régional du Tourisme, the Comités Départementaux de Tourisme and the Tourist Offices. Accommodations, activities, places to visit, events, restaurants... all the information you need for a great stay in Normandy!

Learn more about CRT Normandie : https://pronormandietourisme.fr/outils/la-base-de-donnees/

1st French player in digital marketing, revealing the potential of all businesses by connecting them to their customers through innovative digital services (relational presence with a range of Connect offers, website and e-commerce sites, digital advertising), has been supporting the Public Sector in its digital transformation for over 2 years. More than 1,500 town halls, local authorities and administrations have already placed their trust in us. Solocal simplifies and facilitates citizen relations through customized solutions referenced in the UGAP and GouvTech DINUM catalogs:

  • online appointment booking to optimize diaries and simplify procedures for users. As a partner of the French Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Departments, our solution is connected to the national "RDV Passeport" platform of the Agence Nationalité des Titres Sécurisés (ANTS) to speed up the issuance of identity documents,
  • harmonized online presence of contact information for public establishments and reception points
  • communication to keep citizens and businesses informed in real time via email and SMS.

Learn more about Solocal: https://www.solocal.com

The Nestenn group of real estate agencies was created in 2017. Olivier Alonso is the president and founder. Today, Nestenn is a national and international group with a network of over 450 real estate agencies opened or in the process of being opened in France and abroad (Miami United States, New Caledonia, Mauritius, Portugal, etc.) and over 2,500 employees. Its ambition is to open 600 agencies by the end of 2023.

Nestenn is also a member of the French Franchise Federation and of the AMEPI file, of which Olivier ALONSO was vice-president and president for two consecutive years.

Learn more about the Nestenn Real Estate Group: https://nestenn.com/groupe-immobilier-nestenn

As part of the action undertaken by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to promote inclusive accessibility, France is committed to making tourism accessible to all with the National Tourism Brands (Tourism & Disability and Destination for All) supported by the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE) within the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Recovery.

  • Tourisme & Handicap (T&H): the mark distinguishes an offer which guarantees the accessibility tourist facilities to people with disabilities. With T&H, people with disabilities can choose their vacations and leisure activities in complete freedom, safety and autonomy.
  • A little more than 5,200 tourist sites have already been awarded the label, 52% of which are for the 4 families of disabilities (auditory, mental, motor and visual).
  • Destination pour tous (DPT), in the continuity of T&H, distinguishes territories (commune, community of communes, department, natural park...) guaranteeing a coherent and global offer accessible, integrating both the accessibility of sites and tourist activities (accommodation, catering, etc.), but also the accessibility of other everyday services (shops, medical services (shops, medical services, etc.) and the entire travel chain on the territory concerned (roads, transport, etc.).

The company André de CABO is a multidisciplinary design & architecture office.
Our vocation is to advise and accompany collectivities, professionals and individuals for preparation of administrative files and specific ERP files (Accessibility for people with reduced mobility, Fire Safety Fire Safety, various architectural projects, compliance and solutions for the treatment of rainwater management of rainwater).

Sortiraparis.com is the 1st news media in France, source Médiamétrie Global.
We have been helping to build lasting memories between our readers and their loved ones since 2002.

Contact us: contact@sortiraparis.comwww.sortiraparis.com

Wegoto helps local authorities model their accessibility databases. Our support will enable you to..:

  • to be interoperable with standardized models, CNIG (Cerema), NeTEx accessibility (DMA)
  • to develop business tools for geographic information systems (GIS),
  • to make evolve route planners and propose accessible routes,
  • to open the data for collaborative platforms such as acceslibre.

Contact Wegoto contact@wegoto.eu — Website : www.wegoto.eu

MOBALIB souhaite rendre l'expérience du monde accessible à toutes et tous. Pour y arriver nous avons trois missions :

  • Innover et réaliser des outils numériques accessibles et adaptés pour faciliter l'entraide et la mobilité (1ère innovation : site, application IOS, Android)
  • Valoriser les acteurs publics, privés et associatifs ayant un service, un lieu, un dispositif accessible (Label d'usage MobaLINK)
  • Accompagner les acteurs publics, privés vers une démarche inclusive pour adapter leurs services, leurs dispositifs, et leurs produits.

Nous écrire : contact@mobalib.com — Nous appeler :

One Compagnon is a personal assistant for your daily life that performs for you all the time-consuming tasks you have to manage. Thanks to our application, all services become easily accessible! What can I ask him ?

It makes calls for you (contacts your doctor, a customer service, a provider...).
It does all your research to save you time: an activity, a place to stay, information, a product...
It makes personalized suggestions based on your criteria, preferences and lifestyle.
It is also there to organize all your travels, to check the accessibility of a place, to book it...

Contact us : contact@onecompagnon.comwww.onecompagnon.com

L’Agence LUCIE est un centre de solutions pour aider les organisations à devenir des acteurs de la transition (entreprises, collectivités, associations…). Notre conviction est que la RSE est un réel levier de performance et de pérennité pour les organisations, quand elle est intégrée au cœur de la stratégie. L’Agence LUCIE fait la promotion d'une RSE Positive, qui a un impact positif sur les hommes et le territoire. Depuis 2007, elle propose des solutions pour progresser en RSE, accessibles quels que soient le niveau, la taille ou les moyens des organisations. Nos outils sont construits à partir des grands référentiels internationaux (ISO 26000, ODD, ISO 14001, etc.) :

  • des labels qui s’appuient sur l’ISO 26000 : LUCIE 26000 et TOUMAï,
  • des labels thématiques : le Label Numérique Responsable, en partenariat avec l’Institut du Numérique Responsable, le label environnemental Envol, en partenariat avec CCI France, et le Label Biodiversity Progress, en partenariat avec Bureau Veritas Certification
  • un Centre de formation 100% dédié à la RSE
  • des outils : LUCIE Faire, une base de plus de 2000 bonnes pratiques RSE, et AD2R, un outil de mesure du retour sur investissement de la RSE

LUCIE est ainsi la première communauté engagée et responsable d’Europe avec plus de 700 organisations engagées. Avec LUCIE, vivez la RSE Positive !

Nous écrire : contact@agence-lucie.com — Nous appeler :

ACCESMETRIE accompanies project managers in their processus for quality improvement quality of use and to bring their of their properties and equipments, with the will to answer the expectations and needs of users.

Contact us : info@accesmetrie.fr — Call us :

Every month, 15 million French people visit AlloCiné to find out about all the latest cinema releases, films and series to discover in cinemas and at home. A team of enthusiastic journalists works tirelessly to bring you the latest cinema and TV series. AlloCiné also offers a wide range of services for finding and booking screenings, and accessing ratings and reviews from the press and viewers.

Learn more about AlloCiné: https://www.allocine.fr

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