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Aloha hostel

1 Rue Borromée 75015 Paris

Accessibility information

- updated on May 7, 2024

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Transportation and parking

  • Public transport nearby
  • Parking spaces nearby including PRM spaces

Path to entrance

  • Presence of a path on the plot of the establishment which leads to the entrance


  • Door manuelle battante
  • Width less than 80 cm
  • Presence of one or more to reach the entrance steps
  • No ramp
  • Pas d’entrée dédiée aux personnes en situation de handicap

Reception and equipment

  • Reception close to the entrance
  • No hearing aid equipment
  • Classic toilets


  • 1 wheelchair-accessible room
  • No warning equipment by light flash or vibration

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Fiche créée on 16/04/2024
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