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Collège Jacques Prévert

6 Rue Claude Debussy 89400 Migennes

Accessibility information

- updated on Nov. 29, 2023

Label Mobalib

Logo Mobalib

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Transportation and parking

  • No public transport nearby
  • No parking spaces within the establishment
  • Parking spaces nearby

Path to entrance

  • Pas de bande de guidage
  • Presence of 3 steps on the road
  • Unsafe walking and Equipped with one or more handrails
  • Presence of a ramp fixe
  • No elevator
  • Covering adapted to the passage of a wheelchair
  • Presence of a slope légère of length longue
  • No slope
  • Minimum width of 90 cm all the way


  • Clearly visible entrance
  • Pas de balise sonore
  • Door manuelle battante
  • Width of at least 80 cm
  • Glass door with contrasting elements on the glass part
  • Ground-level entrance
  • Human help possible
  • Videophone
  • Pas d’entrée dédiée aux personnes en situation de handicap

Reception and equipment

  • Reception close to the entrance
  • Path to reception on one level
  • Minimum width of 90 cm throughout the circulation leading to reception
  • Untrained staff
  • No audio description
  • No hearing aid equipment
  • PRM toilet
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Fiche créée par  MOBALIB, en tant qu'usager on 29/11/2023
Last update on 29/11/2023
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Changes history

by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:24
Field Old value New value
published Non Oui
by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:24
Field Old value New value
Brands or labels Vide Mobalib
Disability family(ies) concerned Vide Hearing disability, Mental disability, Motor disability, Visual disability
by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:24
Field Old value New value
Visibility of the reception area Unknown Yes
Reception staff Unknown Untrained staff
Audiodescription Unknown No
Type of equipment for audio description Vide None
Presence of hearing and communication aids Unknown No
List of hearing and communication aids Vide None
Pathway between the main entrance of the building and the reception of the facility Unknown Yes
Path narrowing Unknown No
Sanitary facilities Unknown Yes
Adapted sanitary facilities Unknown Yes
by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:24
Field Old value New value
Easily identifiable entrance Unknown Yes
Is there a door? None Yes
Door handling Unknown Swing door
Type of door Unknown or not applicable Manual
Glazed entrance Unknown Yes
Identification of the glass Unknown Yes
Ground level entrance Unknown Yes
Audio location signal at the entrance Unknown No
Calling device at the entrance Unknown Yes
Type of call device at the entrance Vide Videophone
Human assistance Unknown Yes
Width of the door Vide 90
Specific PRM entrance Unknown No
updated_at 2023-11-29 à 10:22 2023-11-29 à 10:24
by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:22
Field Old value New value
Outside path Unknown Yes
Outside walkway on ground-level Unknown No
Exterior cladding Unknown Yes
Number of steps Vide 3
Secure steps or staircase Unknown No
Handrail Unknown Yes
Ramp Unknown Stationary
Elevator Unknown No
Slope Unknown Yes
Degree of difficulty of the slope Unknown Slight
Length of the slope Unknown > 2 meters
Camber Unknown None
Guide strip Unknown No
Path narrowing Unknown No
updated_at 2023-11-29 à 10:21 2023-11-29 à 10:22
by  MOBALIB on 29/11/2023 à 11:21
Field Old value New value
Proximity to a public transportation stop Unknown No
Parking in the facility Unknown No
Parking near the facility Unknown Yes
Adapted parking close to the facility Unknown No
updated_at 2023-11-29 à 10:20 2023-11-29 à 10:21
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