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Street art city

Lieu Dit les Bruyeres de Daguin 03320 Lurcy-Lévis

Access near

  • No public transportation stops within 200 meters of the facility

  • Parking is available within the facility's grounds

  • No suitable parking space available within the facility's grounds

  • No parking space available within 200 meters of the facility

Outside path from the road to the entrance

  • Access to the entrance from the road is via an outside path

  • The pavement is stable (no paving stones, gravel, dirt, grass, sand, or any unstabilized surface)

  • Access to this space is on the same ground-level, i.e. without any sudden change in level

  • The path is on a slope

  • Difficulty of the slope : Slight

  • No guiding strip on the floor to facilitate the movement of a blind or visually impaired person

  • No path narrowing to the reception area by less than 90 centimeters

Entrance of the facility

  • The facility entrance is easily identifiable

  • Presence of a door at the facility entrance

  • The front door is not glazed

  • The entrance is not on the same ground-level and presents a brutal break in level

  • Number of steps of the staircase : 12 marches

  • Direction of movement of the steps or staircase : Ascendant

  • Presence of a stationary or removable ramp : Stationary

  • No specific secondary entrance for people with reduced mobility

Reception and services

  • Staff for the reception of disabled people : Untrained staff

  • No products or services dedicated to the deaf or hard of hearing

  • Sanitary facilities are available in the facility

  • No adapted sanitary facilities available in the facility

Comment and additional information

  • Additional information about the accessibility of the building or specific services offered

    pas de place délimiter sur le parking
    extérieur accessible aux usager en fauteuil
    intérieur inaccessible aux usager en fauteuil (12 marches pour accéder à l'entrée du bâtiment, pas de rampe, escaliers dans l'hôtel 128)
    couloir de l'hôtel 128 très sombre (prêt de lampe torche à l'entrée de l'hôtel)
    pas de bande de guidage (extérieur et intérieur)

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