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Buss Saintes

20 Cours National 17100 Saintes

Access near

  • Public transportation stops within 200 meters of the facility

  • Information on accessibility by public transportation

    [BUS] Réseau de transport Buss.
    Arrêt Poste desservi par lignes A, B, C
    Arrêt accessible dans les deux sens de circulation.
    Véhicules des lignes A, B et C entièrement accessibles.

  • Parking is available within 200 meters of the facility

  • Adapted parking spaces are available within 200 meters of the facility

Outside path from the road to the entrance

  • No exterior path from the sidewalk to the main entrance of the building

Entrance of the facility

  • The facility entrance is easily identifiable

  • Presence of a door at the facility entrance

  • Door opening mode : Swing door

  • Type of door : Manual

  • The front door is glazed

  • Contrasting elements make it possible to visualize the glazed parts of the entrance

  • The entrance is on the same level, that is to say, without a sudden break in level

  • No device such as a doorbell to signal its presence

  • No audio location signal to facilitate its location by a blind or visually impaired person

  • Possibility of human assistance to move

  • Minimum width of the entrance door : 100 centimètres

  • No specific secondary entrance for people with reduced mobility

Reception and services

  • The reception area (reception desk, cash desk, secretariat, etc.) is visible from the building entrance

  • Access to this space is on the same ground-level, i.e. without any sudden change in level

  • No path narrowing to the reception area by less than 90 centimeters

  • Staff for the reception of disabled people : Staff sensitized or trained

  • No products or services dedicated to the deaf or hard of hearing

  • No sanitary facilities provided in the facility

Comment and additional information

  • Additional information about the accessibility of the building or specific services offered

    Boutique du réseau de transport Buss
    Renseignements sur l'offre de mobilité du territoire de la Communauté d'Agglomération de Saintes (Bus, TAD, TPMR, vélos, etc ...)
    Ventes de titres et abonnements
    Conseils, questions, réclamations

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