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Le zola

117 Cours Emile Zola 69100 Villeurbanne
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Access near

  • Public transportation stops within 200 meters of the facility

  • Information on accessibility by public transport

    Métro A arrêt République - Villeurbanne

  • Warning: No parking spaces available within the facility's grounds

  • Parking is available within 200 meters of the facility

  • Adapted parking spaces are available within 200 meters of the establishment

Exterior path from the road to the entrance

  • No exterior path from the sidewalk to the main entrance of the building

Entrance of the establishment

  • The entrance to the facility is easily identifiable

  • Presence of a door at the entrance of the establishment

  • Door opening mode : Swing door

  • Type of door : Manual

  • Warning: The front door is glazed

  • Contrasting elements make it possible to visualize the glass parts of the entrance

  • The entrance is on the same level, that is to say, without a sudden break in level

  • Presence of a device such as a bell to signal its presence

  • Calling devices present : Intercom

  • Warning: No audible beacon to facilitate its location by a blind or visually impaired person

  • Possibility of human assistance to move

  • Minimum width of the entrance door : 90 centimètres

  • Warning: No specific secondary entrance for people with reduced mobility

Reception and services

  • The reception area (reception desk, cash desk, secretariat, etc.) is visible from the building entrance

  • Access to this space is on the same level, i.e. without any sudden change in level

  • No narrowing of the path to the reception area by less than 90 centimeters

  • Staff for the reception of disabled people : Staff sensitized or trained

  • Presence of products or services dedicated to deaf or hard of hearing people

  • Equipment or services available : fixed magnetic induction loop

  • Sanitary facilities are available in the establishment

  • Adapted sanitary facilities are available in the establishment

Comment and additional information

  • Additional information about the accessibility of the building or specific services offered

    2 emplacements PMR à l'entrée de la salle
    +fauteuils amovible pour créer 4 places PMR supplémentaires
    distribution de casque pour l'audiodescription
    Certains lundi, diffusion de films avec sous-titrage SME
    Le cinéma est équipé de l’application Twavox, qui permet d’accéder aux fonctions suivantes via son smartphone :
    - Sous-Titres pour les malentendants et les sourds
    - Renforcement Sonore pour les malentendants
    - Audiodescription pour les malvoyants et non-voyants

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